Precure All-Stars New Stage, Kokoro no Tomodachi

So I saw Precure All-Stars New Stage 2, Kokoro no Tomodachi today! I liked it. Maybe not the best All-Stars movie, but I think at least the fandom will like this one better than the last New Stage.

Summary and thoughts:

Ever since the All-Stars movies stopped being called “DX” and starting being called “New Stage”, they’ve started introducing a new character or characters to star. (Thus the name “New Stage”.) But this time instead of following a new Cure like Ayumi/Cure Echo, the main characters are two fairies: Gureru (Grail? I think I like calling him Grail) the tanuki-looking fairy and Enen the fox-looking fairy. Here they are:


Before I start the summary let’s get this out of the way. The following are the only recurring characters with speaking parts:

The Doki Doki Cures, the Smile Cures, the Futari wa Cures, Blossom, Marine, Passion, Beat, Mepple, Mipple, and Tarte.


Yeah it sucks that they didn’t get everyone back, but there were some nice scenes with the Futari wa gang and it’s always a treat to see Nagisa and Honoka. Blossom, Marine, Passion, and Beat were silent most of the movie until all of a sudden they started talking during the big battle at the very end. Rather than be annoyed by this, I was really happy because it surprised me! I’d thought for sure by that point Doki Doki, Smile, and Futari wa were the only Cures that got speaking roles so it was a real treat! My mouth must have dropped to the floor when all of a sudden Blossom and Marine were bantering at each other out of nowhere.


Okay, onto the plot summary:

The story opens up at a school for fairies studying about Pretty Cure. They never say exactly where the school is, but the fairies mostly seem to be designed like they’re from the Smile era, so Marchenland is a safe guess. Anyway, today they have a special guest speaker in their class who is none other than Tarte! He’s come to talk about being a Precure fairy and has even brought some replicas of the old transformation items.


In this class is where we meet our two main characters, Grail and Enen. Enen loves the Pretty Cure and dreams of being a Precure fairy but is shy and doesn’t believe in himself. Grail dislikes the Pretty Cure, or at least acts like he does, because he doesn’t like the idea that fairies and Pretty Cure can only be strong together and thinks he is strong enough on his own.


After class Grail finds a mysterious crystal ball which brings out a shadow of himself. The shadow tells him that without their fairies and transformation items, the Pretty Cure are just normal girls, and the two of them team up by hatching a plan. By inviting all the Cures to a “Precure Party” they plot to lure them into a trap, steal their transformation items/fairies, and render them powerless.


What follows this are scenes where one-by-one the veteran Pretty Cures receive their invitations to the party. They fall for the trap and face Grail’s shadow, who defeats them by studying the textbook from fairy school which has information about all the Cures and their attacks in it. Enen isn’t happy about everything that’s happening but doesn’t feel he’s strong enough to stop Grail. Meanwhile, Grail’s shadow is getting more powerful and decides to destroy the school and block out the sun. Things begin to get out of hand and Grail is powerless to stop him.


Soon the only hope is the Doki Doki Cures. Why? Well, since they’re new Cures there’s no information about them in the textbook, so Grail’s shadow can’t fight them! So, it’s up to them to save all the other Pretty Cures and help Grail and Enen stand up to Grail’s shadow.


Do they save the day? Of course they do.


Some random things I liked:


The fact that the Doki Doki Cures had to save everyone because their info wasn’t in the Precure textbook yet. I thought that was both hilarious and a great plot element.


Tarte as the guest speaker at fairy school.


Tarte showing them replicas of the old transformation items. Wonderful nostalgia XD


Grail being inspired by how Passion and Beat both used to be villains as well.


Enen being adorable. I love foxes! Also, I think at one point I said there could be nothing cuter than Cure Rosetta. I was wrong. The cutest thing possible is Cure Rosetta with a little fox fairy riding on her head XD I want those screencaps!!


Cure Sword calling Cure Peace “senpai”!


Cure Peace trying hard not to flinch during her Peace Thunder attack because of it.